We will accept applications from not-for-profit groups and organisations including registered charities, community interest groups, service organisations, volunteer groups, youth groups, town councils and parish councils and the like.

Applications from individuals or for individual benefit will not be accepted.

• Application for a grant is made by completing and submitting the on-line form below. Please take your time to complete the form as fully as possible so the Trustees have all the information they need to consider your application.

• As we are dealing with charitable funds we need to be certain that the funds will be correctly used for the purposes indicated and therefore applications from organisations with a track record will be preferred but we will consider applications from newly formed organisations if there is good evidence that they will be sustainable.

• Applications will be preferred from organisations that are both based in the Christchurch area and which will benefit the community in the area but will be considered from organisations based outside of the area if it can be shown that the funds will be used to benefit those who live in Christchurch. As indicated above, Christchurch is defined by the boundaries of the former Christchurch borough and therefore includes Highcliffe, Somerford, Mudeford, Burton, Fairmile and Hurn.

• The application must be for charitable purposes as defined by the Charities Act 2011. Section 3 of that act should be referred to at: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2011/25/section/3
It will be seen that this is widely drawn and includes, among other purposes, those mentioned on the first page.

•  We began inviting applications from the 21st September 2020 and have already dealt with the first applications received and are now open to accept further applications for consideration.

  • When an application is received, it will be acknowledged and will be reviewed to ensure it is an appropriate application that falls within our scope and that the necessary information has been supplied.
  • If the application is accepted it will be passed to a small team of the Trustees who will consider the merits of the application and they may request further information or ask to discuss the application with the organisation’s representative.
  • The application will then be placed before a full meeting of the Trustees for consideration. The Trustees may offer a grant of an amount different to that requested and may place conditions on grants offered.
  • The Trustees will then inform the applicant when a decision is made.
  • We are a charity and have limited funds and are therefore limited in the number of grants we can make. We also have to act within our charitable objectives. You should not assume that all applications will be granted and there are bound to be some that will be refused. Please do not take offence if we are unable to grant your application.
  • The Trustees decision will be final. The meetings of the Trustees are private and confidential and there will be no obligation on the Trustees to give reasons for their decisions and we reserve the right to refuse to enter into correspondence as to why a grant has been refused or reduced or made subject to conditions.
  • The Trustees reserve the right to refuse to consider a repeat application for one already refused.
  • We will endeavour to keep each applicant informed of the progress of their application. Please recognise that the trustees are all unpaid volunteers and we have no paid staff so the speed with which we will be able to deal with matters will depend on the number of applications received.
  • Difficulties in submitting the application on-line. We have had one reported incident of difficulty in submitting the application form which was resolved by the applicant using a different and up to date browser (such as Google Chrome). If you have difficulties then do email us.

Section 1 - Organisation

Organisation Name and Address Details
Name of your organisation

House number
General/Office Email
Website (if any)
General/Office Telephone

Main Contact Person

Job title

Work/Office Phone

Email Address

Mobile Phone

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Organisation Start Date*

What type of organisation are you?

A registered charityCompany limited by guaranteeUnincorporated club or associationCommunity interest companyCharitable Incorporated Organisationothers

if other, please explain

Are you part of a larger regional or national organisation?


If yes please state name of organisation


Please confirm you have at least 3 unrelated trustees/committee members responsible for your organisation/group and its activities

Organisations Income Over Last Accounting Year ( £ )

Please briefly describe the overall aims and objectives of your organisation and the activities or services your organisation provides (up to 250 words)

Section 2 - Project

Project Details

Project Name

Project / funding start date

Project / funding end date

Which area will the activity take place in?

Which area (estate, town, village, borough or wider area) do most of the people who benefit come from

What are you applying to us for and who will benefit? (up to 400 words)

What difference do you hope this will make to people’s lives

If this project does not have a fixed end date, how will you continue to fund the project when the funding ends

Section 3 - Impact


How many people will benefit from this funding?

Estimated number of volunteers involved

Primary Beneficiary - Select a single option to represent the primary beneficiary group for this grant

Age Profile

Primary age group - select a single option to represent the primary age group for this grant

Section 4 - Project Budget and Consent

Project Budget

What is the total cost of the project?

How much money are you applying to us for?

Budget Breakdown Summary. Either give details here or if you have a prepared budget, download it in the next box.

Upload Your Detailed Budget

If the grant does not cover your total project costs, please tell us whether the remaining funds have already been raised, or where they will come from.

Supporting Documents

• Please click on the attachments button at the bottom of this page to upload your supporting documents. Whenever possible, please submit attachments as pdfs.
(We appreciate that new and emerging groups may not be able to supply supporting documents - alternatives for these groups indicated below)
1. A copy of your governing document (eg constitution, memorandum & articles or set of rules).
2. A copy of your most recent set of annual accounts
3. A copy of a bank statement no more than 3 months old (clearly showing account name, number and sort code)
4. A copy of your safeguarding policy
If you experience difficulties uploading documents please email them to hello@christchurchtrust.org.uk when you submit your application.

File Size limit 5MB per file

Please provide any further information that will assist the Trustees to consider your application

If the Trustees agree to make a grant, please give the details of the account to which the monies should be sent. If these differ from the details on the Bank Statement provided, please give reasons.

Alternative support for New & Emerging groups

Groups with less than 6 months direct service delivery experience should provide the details of a organisation/referee who can endorse you AND receive & manage the money on your behalf.

Referee forename

Referee surname

Referee company name

Referee position

Referee email

Referee phone

Please advise how long you have been running and how you are able to give assurances that the project will be run appropriately.


I confirm that the information given on the application form is true and my organisation has formally agreed that I can act on their behalf. I confirm that I have attached all required supporting documents.


1. The organisation and main contact details, and the details of the application, can be shared with the Trustees of Christchurch Charitable Trust
2. The grant can only be used for the purpose for which it has been granted.
3.The grant applicants must normally start the funded activities within three months of receipt of the funds unless agreed otherwise.
4. Any funds remaining after the end of the grant period and any agreed extensions, must be returned to Christchurch Charitable Trust
5. The relevant Safeguarding policies are to be adhered to at all times. In the case of New & Emerging groups who do not have a Safeguarding policy, they should not have direct unsupervised contact with children or vulnerable adults and all workers should be aware of how to raise any Safeguarding concerns by referring to BCP Council websites as appropriate
6. Grant recipients will be required to complete an End of Grant Report, to confirm how the funds have been used and benefits that have been provided to the community.
7. Unless agreed otherwise, it is acknowledged the Christchurch Charitable Trust may refer to the giving of the grant for the purposes of publicity.
8. We reserve the right to recover the Grant in whole or in part or to reclaim any equipment purchased under this agreement, should the funded activities not go ahead or the organisation cease to exist.
10. The grant recipient is responsible for insurance against risks which may arise from any activities or property which is grant aided, including loss or personal injury to persons undertaking those activities. Christchurch Charitable Trust is not liable for any contingency involving property or activities for which they have provided grant aid in whole or in part.
11. The grant recipient should ensure services provided by and through the grant are underpinned by equality and diversity principles. Ensuring there is no discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, disability, age, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, or any religious affiliation. Providing equal access to employment/volunteering opportunities and services for your beneficiary group.